Alexander Purcell is a multi-award winning director and designer working across digital, moving image, animation, projection and print. 


Recognition - 

2016: Don’t Wake the Damp; The Stage Edinburgh Award (animation director)

2016: El Salvador: 'I had a miscarriage. The judge accused me of murder'; One World Media Award. (art director)

2016: Keep it in the Ground; Green Ribbon Award. (art director)

2016: Building the Bomb, World Digital Media Awards, Best use of online video. European Digital Media Awards, Best use of online video. (art director/animation)

2015: Go Set a Watchman; SND Award of Excellence. (art director/animation)

2015: HSBC Files; SND Award of Excellence. Investigation of the year, British Journalism Awards. (art director)

2015: Keep it in the Ground; Gold, New York Design Awards.  Campaign of the year, British Journalism Awards. SND Award of Excellence. (art director)

2015: End FGM Campaign; British Media Awards. (art director)

2014: He Had Hairy Hands; Best Studio Show, Manchester Theatre Awards. The Peter Brook Festival Award. (art director/animation)

2014: Global Guide to World War One; Webby Awards, Best use of moving or still image. (animation)

2014: The Shirt on Your Back; Amnesty Media Award for Digital Innovation, One World Media Digital Media Award. (art director)